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Advanced primary endodontic treatment

2-days advanced hands-on course

Advanced primary endodontic treatment – Endo Inn

Course summary

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Dr. Gilberto Debelian
English or Portuguese
Suitable for
General practitioners, specialists
10 people (min 6)
Oslo, Norway

Duration: 2 days (16 CE hours)
Program: 09:00-17:00 both days

About this course

On this 2-days immersion course on primary endodontic treatment you will be updated on new biological and technical concepts and procedures for predictable outcomes. The participants will learn the complexity of the internal root canal anatomy and understand the way to clean and disinfect the root canal system efficiently and predictably. All participants will be trained under individual microscope on simulating 3D teeth, extracted teeth as well as on phantom head models. Both 2D x-rays and CBCT will be used to access all information before and after the treatment is completed. All procedures will be demonstrated by Dr. Debelian thru an operative microscope as well as thru a new 3D camera transmitted to individual 2D and 3D monitors.

In addition to all onsite activities, you will get free access to an 8 hours online course at EndoNextlevel online module 1 with a value of $299.00 US dollars. This online course it is a pre-requisite to the onsite course.


Ergonomic and the use of operative microscope - the first phase of this course is to learn each participant on how ergonomically the microscopes should be used in relation to the upper and lower jaws. Ergonomic chairs to use for dental microscopy is provided to each participant

Access cavity - training on minimal invasive access cavity techniques and efficient technique to find hidden MB2 canals on upper molar.

Scouting and glide-path techniques - demonstration and training on negotiate obliterated and complex root canals using hand files as well as NiTi rotary scouting instruments.

Shaping - training on the most advanced NiTi adaptive rotary instruments for efficient three dimensional root canal clean and disinfection.

Cleaning/irrigation - a comprehensive and evidence based irrigation protocol will be discussed, demonstrated and the participants will be using in all teeth treated during the course.

Obturation material and techniques - new pre-mixed bioceramic materials for obturation of the root canals will be demonstrated. A cold hydraulic bioceramic root filling techniques as well as a continues wave condensation technique will be demonstrated and practiced

X-ray and CBCT analysis - at the end of the course all teeth treated by the participant will be individually analyzed by 2D x-ray technique. The teeth treated on the phantom head models will be individually analyzed by CBCT technology.

What is offered during the 2 days program:

  • 17 hours of theoretical lecture and hands-on practice
  • Free access to 8 hours online course with a value of $299.00 US dollars
  • Each participant has its own working station and individual instruments and devices
  • A customized microscope for each participant (Zeiss or Global) with HD camera and individual monitors
  • 3D microscopic demonstration
  • All instruments and materials used during the course
  • Scrubs will be provided for each day
  • Lunch and coffee/snacks

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