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Due to the circumstances regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and following the guidelines recommended by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, we have postponed all scheduled courses on this semester and until July 31th. In the meantime, Endo Inn will be offering all participants online lectures. Please check our website for more information on scheduled online lectures and courses.


Dr. Justin Dinley, United Kingdom – Endo Inn
Module 3

Dr. Justin Dinley, United Kingdom

"I attended the Endodontic Microsurgery Module 3 at Endo Inn. Gilberto and Edmar were fantastic teachers. Gilberto is one of the most highly respected clinicians in the Endodontic field. His lectures are fantastic, well delivered and full of passion. The training centre is the best clinical set up for teaching I have ever been fortunate enough to see. The course included the use of highly accurate True jaws, treatment of simple anterior and complex upper and lower posterior teeth as well as the use of hand on in guided apical surgery. This course pushed all the technical and technological boundaries. I would challenge anyone to find a better EMS course anywhere in the world"