Webinar and Online Courses

Short webinar lectures on different subjects in Endodontics and several hours online courses

Webinar and Online Courses – Endo Inn
Thursday, March 25th - 17.00-18.30 - EST (Oslo) – Endo Inn

Thursday, March 25th - 17.00-18.30 - EST (Oslo)

The first steps in Clinical Endodontics

Presenter: Dr. Gilberto Debelian DMD, PhD - Oslo, Norway


Cavity preparation, scouting, glide path, and working length are essential initial steps to lead to a predictable and secure root canal shaping and filling procedures. This webinar will present clinical protocols and instruments to be used on this first and important part of endodontic therapy. Live clinical demonstration will be done during this webinar thru an operation microscope. You will have the chance to ask questions during this section.